HS Journal

The latest for the kids….

Did 6 1/2 pages of math yesterday about fractions— reducing, adding, finding the GCF, etc.  (Victoria, with Anna listening and trying to rush to answer questions first and annoy her sister! LOL)

Played the Gold Rush Game several times with the family.  It covers lots of geography and history– not just of the gold rush but other things happening in the US at the time.  (all)

Watched “How it’s Made” about making bagpipes and ice cream cake yule logs.  (Victoria)

Did experiments with water and cold air with me.  More on that later.  (Victoria)

Blogged. (Anna and Victoria)

Wrote emails.  (Anna and Victoria)

Drew a self portrait and several pictures to illustrate poems.  (Victoria)

Played educational games online.   (all)

Went ice skating.  (all)

Exercised along with a dance show.  (Anna and Victoria)

Read a bajillion books themselves, plus read to Jack at bedtime.  (Anna and Victoria)
Played Smath (scrabble math).  (all)

Played Brainquest, the board game.  (all)

Made snow art.  (all)

Had lots of books read to him and helped read some words.  (Jack)

Made a sugar cube igloo and learned about penguins.  (Jack)

Daddy read historical book at bedtime every night.  (Anna, Jack listens too sometimes)

Wrote reports on pioneers and gold rush.  (Anna)

Talked about genetics and which animals can be crossed with each other with Daddy and why.  (Victoria)  NOTE:  Tiffany, don’t even think about leaving a comment about crossing animals with Daryl!  🙂

That will have to do for a list!  I’m being summoned downstairs so that’s all that gets noted.  🙂

Baby it's cold outside!

Brrr! It’s insanely cold today.

Yesterday Victoria and I tried doing the bubble blowing outside but it didn’t work so well! One obedient bubble landed on a rose bush and promptly clouded up and froze for a moment before popping, but the rest zoomed off on the wind the second we blew them. It was too bitterly cold to hang around for more than a minute trying and we dashed back inside. Maybe we’ll try again today.

If you’re stuck inside too, here’s some ways to pass the time and here’s some snow crafts.  (Editor’s note: nevermind that kool-aid recipe for snow cones and use juice concentrate instead!)

I’m going to get a baby to sleep and then clear off the table and start some snow crafts and science experiments. Stay warm!


By Annalee

Pioneers are very cool. You just need to listen. Pioneers could live with only dolls and they didn’t care. So history can be fun too. You may not think that learning is fun so you can try playing some games like numbers. You cut up paper and put numbers going up to nine. Then have your mom or dad ask you math then go to the one you think is right. Pioneers played games like this.You can make one.

(Anna wrote this for her blog after I told her she should think up some educational things to do today. She decided on the subject and wrote it all up, and then I helped her with spelling and punctualization. She only had 3 spelling errors, and knew how to spell pioneers! She decided to do the book report on the gold rush as “something educational” too. Smile )

The Gold Rush

By Annalee

The gold rush was gold found at mines. It was called the gold rush because so many people came. There was more than one gold rush. In 1849 they went to California. In 1828 they went to Dahlonega, North Carolina. They came back in 1848. Miners came from all over. Some came to be rich. Some came to buy food and a home for their family.

Making memories

I try to have my kids have at least one memorable/magical thing happen every day.  It certainly doesn’t always happen but I like the idea of making every day count (for us grown ups too) and I want them to look back on their childhoods and remember more than just a blur of days.  It takes so little to make a lasting memory, too.

Here’s some things I have planned for the next week…

  • Homeschool swimming at the fancy pool out of town
  • Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa for Grandpa’s birthday
  • It’s supposed to get bitterly cold again so we’re going to try freezing bubbles
  • A “glamour shots” style photo shoot with the girls, a silly one with the boys
  • A photo shoot with a mix of styles for all the kids, since my girls like to be silly and my boys are very handsome  😉
  • I finally want to find a fondue recipe and make this with the kids
  • Videotape a talent show the kids put on
  • Decorate a door with Annalee
  • Submit some of the kids’ writing and artwork to kid magazines

I’m going to try to do some memorable stuff for myself and with Daryl too.

Off to work on the list!

A fun new project

I stumbled onto this fun project at floridamom’s blog this morning and plan to take part in it with the kids.  Project Spectrum is an art challenge where each set of months is associated with a color and an element, and participants create art corresponding to those.  You can knit, photograph, paint, bead, grow, sew, bake, anything to take part and you can do one big project or 20.

I think this sounds like such a creative and fun thing to take part in with the kids and I’m going to try to take part in as many different mediums as we can.  I have a feeling my kids will make several thousand pictures, sculptures, photos, etc. since they are such art fiends!  Smile  Anybody want to join us?  It starts in a few days and the schedule is:

February/March – fire – orange, red, pink

April/May – earth – green, brown, metallics

June/July – air – gray, white, yellow

August/September – water – blue, black, purple

How do you handle this one?!

…When your boy comes into the room and says with grave concern, “Mom, I think my invisible mom died!” and then tells you that he was talking to her on his phone and all of the sudden her voice was gone.  Then when you say that invisible people can’t die, he says “Maybe she was just arrested.”

Just what kind of woman IS this woman?

This would only happen at my house.  😉