Back home!

We’re back!  We had a great time in Nebraska and did lots of fun stuff.   The drive home is always the hardest part and it’s good to have that over!  I made it back in 5 1/2 hours, which may be a record for us!

Alex has been sick and is still under the weather.  He’s been running a fever and has not been sleeping much.  Therefore, I have not been sleeping much.  He and I slept more this morning and afternoon than the previous two nights.  I didn’t get much done today but I’ll catch up.

We have friends coming from out of town tomorrow.  They’re bringing the kids a fabulous present that is a secret for now.  We know what it is and they’re going to be really thrilled.  I have to get the house ready for it and should be doing that instead of blogging!  😉

I’ll post a bunch of little entries in the next few days to share some of the neat stuff we did and what’s going on now.  Daryl and the kids are already into something cool I want to share but I’d like to find a few links to pass on for that.

The house is as messy and noisy and crazy as ever, but it’s a happy home and it’s mine.  It’s good to be home and hopefully we can make the trek back to Tiffany’s again soon!

What we've been up to!

Sorry to be so quiet!  We’ve been having a blast in Nebraska.  We got to see Tiffany’s good friend Marsha, a delightful doula who enabled my art addiction on a grand scale by picking up canvases, paint sets, paint pens and more at 90% off Dick Blick’s GOOB sale.  We got to see my friend Barb whom I’ve known since high school, who has moved to within 3 hours of Tiffany.  We have played Klondike to learn about the gold rush, have made fresh squeezed orange juice and performed a taste test with store bought, have been to the park, have done rat experiments, have made masterpieces with colored pencils, have watched movies, have had friends over and performed Betsy-Tacy reader theater plays, have checked out nearly a hundred library books, have read nearly a hundred library books, have learned about dinosaurs and sharks, have told stories, and have laughed and laughed and laughed.

 Tuesday we are storming the capitol (er, participating in a legislative event) with lots of other homeschoolers who are concerned about some idiot legislation that’s been introduced in Nebraska regarding the testing, hoop jumping and micromanaging of the state’s HS families.  Other plans for our remaining days include looking into bowling, making giant oil paintings, doing a weather unit, reducing a recipe from vat sized to single serving, perhaps going swimming at an indoor pool, exploring area museums, and having lots more tea.

Speaking of which, I believe it’s time for either some hot buttered rum or Tiffany tea since all the kiddos are finally asleep except Alex.  Time for chocolate too!  Talk to you soon!

How to talk British!

Our fabulous friend Tiffany is British and my kids and I love learning her lingo!  If you want to play along, here’s a few words to work into your vocabulary.  😉

  • Get cross!  You’re no longer cranky, annoyed or anything beginning with B.  You’re cross.  Don’t you sound more sophisticated already?
  • Take the footpath.  It’s not a sidewalk, silly.  Footpath.  Suddenly the walk has class!
  • Have a to-mah-to. 
  • Take your vit-(rhymes with bit!)amins!
  • Park in the garage (rhymes with carriage).
  • Change your baby’s nappy.  It’s barely even a chore when you get to call it a nappy!

I’ve also discovered that the British way of writing cursive (“joined up writing”) is much more logical than ours!  Their letters still look like the regular letters, just joined together.  I’ve decided to completely disregard teaching cursive in light of this new development and the fact that all adults develop their own cursive style anyway, and just make sure my kids write legibly!  It’s quite freeing, let me tell you.  Or would be if I really actually had been spending much time worrying about cursive to begin with!

Tiffany tries to use American lingo because some people tease her about it, but I think the way she talks is charming and I hope she never loses her lovely British side.  I love that my kids now take their vittttamins too.  🙂

A great day!

We had a fun day today!  We started the day with a tour of a newspaper.  We learned lots and saw the presses in action, plus lots of nifty parts of what makes the whole business come together.  Afterwards we stopped for Taco Bell (a treat for those of us who live in Nowhere!), visited our friends’ Grandma at her nursing home for her birthday, and then toured some new developments and talked about architecture and lonely dogs!  😉  We came home from there and learned a little about various presidents, played at magic spells, talked math problems, discussed how babies’ neurons fire, did Brainpop and just generally played and yapped. 

We got to see some other HS friends at the tour and met 2 new families for the tour as well.  While we were checking in, the receptionist asked me about homeschooling for her daughter and granddaughter, and I left her our number.  The daughter called and asked lots of questions about how the whole thing works, and she and her little girl are going to come by tomorrow to see HSing in action.  So tomorrow we’re the tour! 

Then we’re off at lunch tomorrow to have lunch with another HS friend and a friend of hers who is bringing her kids as well.  There should be children for miles and much playing and talking all around.  Fun stuff!

It’s bedtime and mayhem here so I should stop blogging and start directing some toothbrushing and song-singing!  Night all!

Homeschooled Presidents

  Wiki Answers says….

How many US presidents were homeschooled and who were they?


There were 9. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Quincy Adams, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.