Victoria’s Garden Lapbook

Here are pictures of Victoria’s first fully completed lapbook.

I think she did such a wonderful job. 🙂


p1010001.JPGFirst pages inside:

p1010002.JPGCloser view (flower poem, flower quote):

p1010003.JPGRight side, parts of a flower, leaf, plant:

p1010004.JPGFlip of front page (worm poem written by Victoria, flower quote, poetry stickers that say sweet sentences, mini book of pictures of all of the flowers/plants she has or plans to have–I forgot to photograph that!):


Plant vs. animal cells:

p1010009.JPGRose photo and pocket of her seeds:

p1010011.JPGThere are little extra touches, quotes, stickers and notes all over. We’re going to finish her Amelia Earhart lapbook and the Freedom Quilt lapbook today and then she’s super excited about getting to do one on cells next. We accidentally found some pics of cancer cells and immune cells and she thinks they’re the coolest things ever.

Pioneer Grammar

Daryl bought Victoria a packet of Pirate Grammar on ebay and she’s been zipping through it.  Anna tried it and announced that she wanted “No more 4th grade pirate grammar!”.  🙂

After further discussion, it was determined that she’d appreciate either pioneer girl grammar or princess grammar.

Daryl, being a sweet man, made up a whole slew of Pioneer Girl grammar pages for her.  She’s still asleep but we’ll see how they fare.   I think she’s still probably doing 4th grade level because that’s what Daryl has fresh in his mind, but she’s up for the challenge!  <G>

I’m still sick but lots has been going on that I want to share soon.  I’ll try to post pics of Victoria’s final version of her garden lapbook (fabulous!), maple syrup tapping yesterday and more.  Right now I’m going to rest with a baby.

Back among the living

I’m finally over my killer virus. The good news is that Victoria was only sick for about an hour (literally!), Annalee was sick for a day but only threw up once and had a headache for a short time, Alex barely registered an illness at all and Jack avoided it completely.

I am a huge believer in boosting kids’ immune systems with wholesome food and healthy living, and it seems to pay off. When the kids do get sick they bounce back so fast you generally can’t even tell they’ve been sick. Now me, on the other hand…. I guess that says a lot about how much healthy living mama has going on! 🙂

While I was sick Daryl did Pirate Grammar pages he bought from a lady online. The kids enjoyed it, although Victoria pointed out that it was just weird talking “pirate” with correct grammar! Daryl found some small errors in the pages and discussed those with the kids, so they inadvertently learned a little extra. Daryl also gave Anna a newspaper and a pen and asked her to circle examples of the punctuation rules they’d been talking about (like where to put commas in dates). She enjoyed that a lot.

We had planned to go maple syrup tapping this morning and then take part in a pancake breakfast feast with real maple syrup at a nearby nature center. We’ll have to see how everybody is feeling. I think Daryl is exhausted from taking care of me and the kids but hopefully he won’t get sick too.

Next post– homeschooling, I promise!  🙂

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Off for the day

We’re supposed to get 6-10″ of snow tonight and tomorrow so we’re off to civilization to stock up on supplies before we get buried.

Isn’t this supposed to be spring?  Harumph.

Anyway, we’ll be off galavanting.  The kids are bringing books and workbooks for the car so it’ll be a carschool day.  Everybody is out cleaning up the yard, bringing recycling to the car and otherwise being useful so I’d best go be productive.  Have a great day!

Jack, for better or worse

Last night I told Daryl that I was so impressed with Jack.  I said…

Jack came up to me while I was cooking dinner and said “Mom, 6 + 6 + 6 is 18.”  I told him that was right and asked how he knew and he said “Because on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ they added 6 + 6 + 5 and that was 17, so 6 + 6 + 6 must equal 18!”. 

He’s such a smart little guy.  I was really impressed because it wasn’t just adding, it was extrapolating!  Isn’t that cool?

Then Daryl said….

Yeah, and he also peed all over the outlet strip by the computer because he was watching Victoria play a game and didn’t want to take a break to go potty.  He was standing right over it and peed his pants.

Hmmm.  LOL  Okay, so sometimes he’s bright!  😉

Buried in Lapbooks!

Well, the lapbook thing has taken over around here. Victoria is still working on her Amelia Earhart book and gardening book, but we’re all working on one about the Freedom Quilt debate and she’s doing much of the work on that one. She’s writing up a pro and con section for it right now.

Anna asked to do a lapbook on fashion so that’s what her first one is about. I found some lesson plans, terminology, a paper dress form and so on.

She made a little booklet that said “prairie dresses” and “modern outfit” where she cut a picture of herself and another little girl dressed in their Little House costumes from a brochure that she was on the cover of (from playing Grace Ingalls in a local production). On the other side she has a woman she cut out of a magazine to show the modern outfit. She also cut a dress out of fancy fabric and glued it on, along with ribbon and stickers. Next up she’s going to write a fashion article about the latest trends.

Jack asked to do a lapbook on the body so that’s what his is. His is so cute! He’s got a body printout that he colored and labeled, a little flap with a little sticker boy and some words that have to do with the body, a little book with pictures of ways to keep your body healthy that goes into a little pocket, plus more.

We all talked about the lungs, oxygen, carbon dioxide, plants, blood, the brain and more. Then we got to the nerves and I explained the messages went up the nerves like a highway to the brain. I made up a game to explain about the nerves and synapses.  I had us all hold hands and stretch out, with the person on one end being the body part feeling something and the brain at the other end. The end person would whisper something like “cold foot!” to the next person and we’d pass it up the line till the brain would shout it out. We all took turns playing parts and the kids loved it.

That segued into a discussion of phantom limb pains and more…

Anyway, the kids are really getting a lot out of these– not just their own but each other’s too. I’ll post pics when they’re all done.

Quilts & the Underground Railroad– Another myth bites the dust

“…We have to conclude that there was no special role quilts played in the Underground Railroad.  While no one can prove a negative, it seems unlikely that quilts were used as a directional code. Worse, this type of popular myth belies the hard work and dangers faced  by the true heroes of the Underground Railroad. When myths are not dispelled and the general public is allowed to believe anything, it hurts the truth of the culture and propagates false truths…

To quote Fergus M. Bordewich (the author of Bound for Canaan: The Underground Railroad and the War for the Soul of America), “In an age when self-interest has been elevated in our culture to a public and political virtue, the Underground Railroad still has something to teach: that every individual, no matter how humble, can make a difference in the world, and that the importance of one’s life lies not in money or celebrity, but in doing the right thing, even in silence or secrecy, and without reward. This truth doesn’t need to be encoded in fiction in order to be heard.”

The above is from a very well written account of the Underground Railroad, slavery and the Civil War in general.

Want to read more about the debate?  Here‘s a great group of links.

We’re doing a lapbook about the quilt designs and the debate this week.  I think we’ll move on to a more general lapbook or notebook about slavery and the underground railroad next.   There’s so much to learn about this important part of our nation’s history.

HS Journal

Just logging for our records….


  • Has been doing 10 minute math book pages for fun
  • Started researching freedom quilts and the underground railroad with Daddy
  • Still working on Amelia Earhardt lapbook (vocabulary, timeline, more)
  • Japanese class
  • Made paper quilts in traditional styles from construction paper shapes
  • Dyed eggs with a variety of dye techniques
  • Reading a variety of children’s magazines
  • Preparing interview questions for a newspaper interview (more on that later)
  • Made sillhouette cut-out picture with contruction paper
  • Reading _The Little Prince_ with Mom
  • E-mail & blogging
  • Played Scattegories with Daddy, Grandma & Anna
  • Boggle, pet vet and other vaguely educational computer games 😉


  • Made construction paper quilt in historic style with Daddy
  • Did 8+ pages of math workbook
  • Played Scattegories with Grandma, Daddy & Victoria
  • Dyed eggs with a variety of techniques
  • Wrote letters to Great Grandma
  • Reading Sadie Rose with Daddy
  • E-mail
  • Japanese class
  • Various computer games
  • Did 3rd grade workbook pages on spelling, vocabulary, pluralization, nouns & more


  • Has been making up lots of math problems and answering them for fun
  • Egg dyeing
  • Lots of books read to him by everybody
  • Playing educational computer games
  • Working in his new kindergarten workbook with his sisters’ help
  • Reading simple words, sounding out long words
  • Coloring and drawing

For next week~

  • Continue with Amelia Earhardt
  • Start a new lapbook with Anna (not sure which subject yet)
  • Do balloon planters
  • Start studying underground railroad, freedom quilts, especially the debate about them
  • More workbooks
  • Order tests