Victoria’s Garden Lapbook

Here are pictures of Victoria’s first fully completed lapbook.

I think she did such a wonderful job. 🙂


p1010001.JPGFirst pages inside:

p1010002.JPGCloser view (flower poem, flower quote):

p1010003.JPGRight side, parts of a flower, leaf, plant:

p1010004.JPGFlip of front page (worm poem written by Victoria, flower quote, poetry stickers that say sweet sentences, mini book of pictures of all of the flowers/plants she has or plans to have–I forgot to photograph that!):


Plant vs. animal cells:

p1010009.JPGRose photo and pocket of her seeds:

p1010011.JPGThere are little extra touches, quotes, stickers and notes all over. We’re going to finish her Amelia Earhart lapbook and the Freedom Quilt lapbook today and then she’s super excited about getting to do one on cells next. We accidentally found some pics of cancer cells and immune cells and she thinks they’re the coolest things ever.


10 thoughts on “Victoria’s Garden Lapbook

  1. Please tell your daughter she did a MARVELOUS job! I am really proud of her and I can tell she worked hard. Tell her to continue to do great work! (Mom, all this applies to you as well :))


  2. Wow! It’s an impressive lapbook! Great job.

    Is this right — you used a file folder and attached (taped?) a piece of black paper/cardstock in the center for an extra page?

    I love the way it’s a collection of all things garden. It’s obvious you let her take a lot of ownership in the design. Fabulous!


  3. I LOVE your lapbook, it’s great! We have been wanting to get out into our garden and finally the weather is going to cooperate! 🙂 The children will love doing a garden lapbook, thanks for sharing.


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