HS experiment: Living someone else's schedule!

Anna has been talking about how unfair her life is a lot lately and I got fed up last night. I decided that I wanted her to live a “typical” HS life (as if there is such a thing) for a while and see how little she has to do compared to many kids. So I googled some HS schedules and printed out two that were for her age range.

All day today we’ve been following one of the other HS mom’s schedules. I woke the kids up at 7:30 a.m. and they had an hour for breakfast and getting ready stuff, then a half hour for morning chores (we did another list of those that a different HS mom posted). After that we did a half hour of bible study and then a half hour of silent reading and then a half hour of reading to mom (about Ethiopia since we went to an Ethiopian restaurant yesterday). Then 45 minutes of math, lunch at 11 and now in 8 minutes I have to move on to reading workbooks. LOL

I wanted to really make it authentic so we did everything on their list even if it was not a normal part of our life at all.

Some observations–

a) Anna loves it. Snort. Of course! 🙂
b) Victoria is putting up with it much better than I expected.
c) I like the quiet (I told Daryl no TV except during lunch).
d) I don’t mind doing it as a weekly thing.
e) It weirds me out that the schedule goes morning to night and there is no physical activity planned. There is occasional free play but I’m not sure most kids would choose to go do vigorous physical exercise during those times.
f) Mama doesn’t get as much time online! <G>

I find it interesting that the kids are so into it. Leave it to my kids to want to do school at home! I’ll report back on how the day goes!

UPDATE: 3:00 p.m.

We made it till just after 1:00 before Anna completely lost it. The drudgery of the schedule and subject after subject with no play time was torture for her. She told me she had been going along with it nicely just because she was trying to make me happy.

When I quietly told her that she couldn’t put spare parts on her fingers and toes to make herself into a robot and put on a play because it was still science time and then it was social studies time, she reached her limit. She had a complete screaming meltdown about how much she missed her old life and how she wanted her old life back now. I calmly told her we were sticking to the schedule for one day and yowza did that go over well.

Daryl had taken Jack off to a friend’s house so it was me, an overtired baby and the two girls. Victoria was loving all the spelling tests, workbook pages, science projects, etc. Anna quickly devolved into a shrieking banshee. I stayed so calm that I should get a medal of some sort or at least a pile of chocolate.

We ended up doing a lapbook on Ethiopia for Social Studies and we ran over into our English slot. I didn’t care and we worked right through it because frankly it was fun and educational to make our lapbook. Anna had angrily let us know that she was not having any part of it so I had her sitting in a chair with a historical novel, but she ended up helping us occasionally in spite of herself because it involved all sorts of art and creativity.

We completely skipped English workbook time (how much more English do they need in one day?) and we happily made up injera shape books, fact strips, booklets about school in Ethiopia, maps and more. I know I should have put it away undone after our allotted half an hour but ah well. I suck at being a being a “School at Home” homeschooler. 🙂

When Daryl came home, he and Jack had spotted birds, seen some friends’ baby goat, cleaned up our wetland habitat and rock hunted. He eyed our schedule and announced that it looked like there was a prison break scheduled for 3:00. Sure enough, they had an hour off (the first break all day!). He took all 4 kids (even baby!) and they are off to see baby goats and birds again.

As they were driving off, Victoria announced that they’d better be home by 4:00 so they could do their scheduled chores. She is such a weirdo. 😉

Anna and I are so over this. I’m going to try to stick close to the schedule for the rest of the day just to finish this out. I am going to try to do something like this once a week for Victoria since she likes it so much though. Participation will be optional and we’ll be a little more flexible. I may also keep just a little bit of the routine for Anna, too. I think she might even like it in small doses.

The thing that was most interesting is that I kept printing out spelling lists and finding science projects and getting out math workbooks and they aced everything. They already knew ahead of time what the results were going to be about the types of metal and magnets. They knew most of the spelling words without looking at them once. They got every single math problem right. For our family, we don’t need all this scheduled bookwork in order to learn. I’ll do it anyway when they want it, but it’s pretty cool that our normal wacky, chaotic, fun-centered way is teaching them all that stuff too.

Now I have to google some final touches for that Ethiopian lapbook. And then find chocolate.

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