Our Ethiopian Lapbook

p1010099.JPGWe’re finally finished!  Victoria did most of the work, with a little help from me and and a few touches by Anna.  I love the finished lapbook!  There are multiple cardstock pages inserted with sections on art, history, maps, school, food and fun.  We even included the slip of paper from the owner of the Ethiopian Restaurant where he wrote out how to say “thank you” for the kids.  See the “Ethiopia” entry from earlier today for some links and more info on this fascinating country.  Here are some pics….



5 thoughts on “Our Ethiopian Lapbook

  1. Wow! great lapbook, interesting topic.
    How long did it take to do?
    And questions from a technologically challenged person: How many Mb are your photos? Any special lighting? (they seem very clear) and How do you get the white border around your photos? thx.

    keep on lapbooking!
    Hamilton, New Zealand


  2. Thanks Johanna! It took us 2 days to do, a few hours at a time. My part was mainly finding photos and information online to print out and helping with stuff like inserting pages. Victoria did the layout and made the little books and wrote the facts and such.

    I took the photos in 640×480 resolution so they are actually pretty small files. I think I just have a good camera! It’s a very old Olympus and I love it. When mine finally died, my husband got me another identical old one on ebay for $30 and I like it better than my newer, snazzier camera that cost much more. I turned on the lights in the room and turned off the flash to make the photos clear and not have glare.

    As for the nifty border, it’s just automatic in this layout. 🙂

    Good luck with your botany lapbook. Please share the finished product. Aren’t lapbooks fun?



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