Anna’s Horse Lapbook!

Anna did a horse lapbook the other night, all in one night. She really had fun and we both learned a lot.

p1010010.JPGp1010004.JPGI printed out various things that I found online doing google searches for horse images and horse facts for kids. I found some really neat stuff that Anna didn’t want to use, like a chart of horse skeleton evolution over the years (they were originally very small and were eventually bred to be bigger and stronger over the years by man). She proclaimed that sheet “disgusting” because it was bones. LOL This from a little girl who proudly bagged up the deer skull she found in the wetlands!

p1010005.JPGp1010006.JPG Some of the parts of the lapbook include a page where she labeled all the parts of a horse, a page showing all the face markings and what they are called and one with leg markings, lift the flap trivia questions, a coloring page, information like the horse family (equus) and how much they sleep (2 1/2 – 3 hours a day, more in summer than winter), a photo of the world’s smallest horse (Thumbelina), an explanation of the three types of horses (ponies, light and draft), stapled lists for each group of the breeds and characteristics, and a little blurb about Mr. Ed.p1010007.JPGp1010008.JPG

It was interesting seeing how differently my girls approach lapbooks. Victoria takes eons to finish hers, making sure everything is perfectly planned and absolutely centered and perfect. Annalee has no time for such nonsense. LOL She zipped through everything and was done. It was hard for me to take off my teacher hat and not correct her (Don’t you want to slow down and write more clearly? You’re going to run out of room if you write that big…). I want her to continue to enjoy the process, though, and have ownership over her lapbooks. I have always hated to see parents who micromanage their children’s art or school or sports, taking over and bossing and nitpicking. I’m so glad I shut up and let her do her own thing! She loves it and is proud of it, and I really am too. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Anna’s Horse Lapbook!

  1. Very cool! I am working on gathering resources for a horse unit study/lapbook. Did you read any library books for your study?

    I like that you let your kids have the say in how their book is created. I need to take of the teacher hat more often and let my kids enjoy the process.

    I enjoyed looking at your blog!


  2. Thanks!

    Sometimes they use books but more often I just print out a variety of information from the net. I cut and paste interesting bits onto a blank page and print that all out, and let them read those facts and stories to choose what to include. I put them in different sizes and fonts so they can cut them out and incorporate them or they can change that info into question flaps they write out and such.

    Good luck with your lapbook! πŸ™‚


  3. I am a very big fan of horses, i think you did a very good job of making your lap book. I would make one but my printer doesn’t work right. So i just draw pictures of the horses online. I have a horse named Jade she is very gentle, and very sweet. I would ride her but she bucks. We don’t want to get hurt. the only time we can ride her is when my aunt comes over. It stinks! KEEP MAKING LAP BOOKS AND YOU COULD DO SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL!!!


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