Jack’s “Letter A” Lapbook

Jack chose the letter A to do a lapbook on this week.  I have to say it was much easier than usual — no web searches for images or handouts, no intricate cutting and arranging.

We made some letter A’s together, found some stickers of things that started with A, found and drew some other images of A items, and called it done!  He also told me to write “A is a Vowel” on it.  He says he learned that from “Letter Factory.”  🙂

Here are some pics.



One thought on “Jack’s “Letter A” Lapbook

  1. Hi,
    I’m new to this site but I have found it to be a wonderful resource. I was a homeschooling mom in Oklahoma which when my children were young was just coming “out of the closet”. I was surprised to find that in the 80’s there were nearly 600 homeschooling families in our little town. The Christian schools were beginning to support with satellite programs. And with the help of computers it grew even more.

    I am now a homeschooling grandma, starting with an eight, a five, three, two and a brand new boy at three weeks. Thank you for all your support in this very important right to educate our children. BTW, I am a trained teacher that taught in a Christian school for many years but now I am home with my babies!

    Your site is wonderful and your work with your children is inspiring. Keep up the good work even though at times it seems to be unrewarding when facing family and community members that don’t understand what we are trying to accomplish.


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