Mom & Me Days

We’re still going strong with “Mom & Me” days here.  Each child gets one on one time with me one day a week and we decide together what we’ll do with our time.  It’s tentatively scheduled:

Victoria– Monday

Jack– Wednesday

Anna– Friday

If we have a busy day planned we do it the next possible day.  Today I have a make up day with Anna since Friday was a very busy day and so was yesterday.

So far some of our activities have included:

  • Going for a walk to get ice cream bars and sitting in a public garden enjoying them
  • Playing a game and baking cookies
  • Going to the mall and getting Anna’s ears pierced
  • Making sculptures and painting them
  • Playing marbles & going on a bike ride
  • Going to a local restaurant for pop and fries, then going to a garage sale
  • Playing with playdough and coloring together
  • Going to the lake

Today for Anna’s make up day I’m going to suggest taking some art supplies to someplace shady and doing art together, going to a park or doing some sort of fashion design with unwanted clothes.  It’s hot and it’s a Sunday so there aren’t a lot of options around here.  Our grocery store burned down last week and the drug store and variety store are closed Sundays.  It’s a nice day to do something lazy anyway.

BTW, I’m putting this in the “behavior” category along with plans and fun because I know that the more quality time I spend with my kids, the better they feel and act.  I do M&M days with the kids because they need it and deserve it and I like to spend individual time with them, but I also do it because it makes life easier for all of us.  🙂

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