Our Family Olympics


We held our own Olympics yesterday!

The kids started by picking a country to represent and finding its flag on the “flags of the world” poster to copy.  They carefully made flags and we taped them to the front of their shirts.

I helped them make 15 medals (gold, silver and bronze for 5 sports).  We cut cardboard circles and covered them with slightly crinkled tinfoil.  Then they dabbed paint on them with a paper towel and rubbed it in (bronze for bronze, yellow for gold and unpainted for silver) and used a screwdriver to put holes on the tops.  We threaded some coloful yarn through and tied it and were done.

Then we made an Olympic torch and talked about what it symbolized.  The kids each took a leg of the journey from the flames at Olympus (the corner) to the host city’s Olympic games (the soccer goal).

Daddy came out to help and brought some of his favorite Olympic games.  They’re some of the more obscure sports!  There’s the “partially filled water bottle toss at the turkey target” competition, for instance.  That one is usually shown late at night so you may have missed it.  😉

All total, we had the bottle toss…

The javelin…

The discus…

(Where Mom got too busy playing to remember to take a picture!)

The 100 yard dash…

The long jump…

 And gymnastics (mostly floor routine)…

For some of the events, the kids honestly competed.  Jack legitimately won the bottle toss and Victoria legitimately won the discus.   With Daddy’s additional games we had more than 5 games to choose from and ended up deciding on 6.  Because of that, the kids didn’t get to medal in all the games.  They chose whether to medal in gymnastics or the long jump.  Victoria chose the long jump and had to try to beat the Russian and Japanese athletes (me!) to see where she’d place.  She got silver.  Jack and Anna got 4th and 5th but enjoyed jumping nonetheless.

For the other games, we drew from a hat and they had to try to get that medal.  For instance, Anna drew gold for the race and Jack drew bronze so they had to plan it so Anna would come in first, Victoria second, and Jack last.

Since Victoria couldn’t medal in gymnastics, she decided that she got disqualified for poor sportsmanship.  🙂  She taunted the judges!

Jack had several meltdowns about not getting 5 gold medals.  We all deserve copious amounts of chocolate or cash for not throttling him several times yesterday.  I don’t know what was in the air yesterday but my good mommy muscles were certainly getting a workout.  Anna threw a fit about not getting to run the torch back and launched into an overdramatic rant about the unfairness of her life.  Victoria bossed and nitpicked, Alex tried to run off with the spears and I blew up more than once and said I was going to quit the whole rotten thing!  🙂  (It’s not even Friday and you got full disclosure!)

However, we worked it out each time and survived the thing with smiles mostly intact.  It ended up being pretty fun and we enjoyed it despite ourselves!

Later on, I read the kids some information about the ancient Olympic games, the traditions associated with the Olympics and how the modern Olympics got started.  It was pretty interesting!

At the end of our Olympic talk, I gave the kids forms where they can track “their” countries in terms of how many medals they get.  They fill it out any time an athlete from their country gets a medal and write down what the competition was and what medal was earned.  Jack was filling his with quite a lot of swimming for the USA last night!  Now we all have to root for France and Germany to get some medals for the girls!

Some days you have grand plans with the kids and it feels so hard to make it work.  Or at least I do!  I think patience and a sense of humor are the only things that get me through those times, but it does work out eventually.  I guess nothing good comes easy, but it did end up being a very good time.

3 thoughts on “Our Family Olympics

  1. This all looks like great fun – even the not so fun parts! (Thanks for the full disclosure – always good to know we’re not alone!) I know what you mean, too, about sometimes it being so hard to follow through on something you’ve planned for the kids. I, in fact, had that exact thing happen with an Olympic event I was hoping to do with my kids. Except that it was going to be an Olympics party for our hs group or maybe just a few friends and there were going to be snacks and a parade of nations and “events” and medals and… and … and… We got carried away talking about it and then I felt too overwhelmed to *do* anything about it! So I think this is great what you’ve done… maybe we’ll just do something on a smaller, family-size scale like this… Mind if I borrow?


  2. Feel free!

    The Olympics party sounds fun too, although I’m pretty sure I’d be overwhelmed too! We get lots done if we fly by the seat of our pants, but too much planning and I give up and suggest ice cream instead. 😉


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