Free World History Curriculum

Bringing Up Learners is offering a comprehensive world history curriculum free to download.  I checked it out and it looks thorough, diverse, interesting and fun.  There are fun read-aloud books, poems to memorize, maps, activities, world religions, myths and several history books that are used as spines.

You can even choose whether to download the one that teaches prehistory and evolution or one that skips it, along with choosing which history book to use as the main spine (Story of the World or A Little History of the World).

It lists what you’ll need for each week, along with day by day lesson plans and schedules to fill out the rest of your plans for the day.  The author also points out that it’s meant to be used loosely, so you can pick and choose which elements to use.

The plan does rely on a number of books that you’ll need to either buy or get from your library, but it really does look packed with good ideas and does a great job of dividing up the curriculum into bite sized bits.

We are so unstructured here that I doubt we’d ever do it the way it’s written, but I’ve found lots of stuff I’m planning on using with my crew.

Thanks Roots, Shoots & Fruits for passing it on!

3 thoughts on “Free World History Curriculum

  1. Wow ! I spent some time reading this. You are right it does look very well done and free ! What an awesome resource. Did you see the Introduction to Time Lines? It has three adorable activities, make your own daily time line, family time line and seasonal time line, and it includes templates too. 🙂 I love printables.


  2. How awesome is this resource for FREE! I’m not normally one to follow a curriculum but this just looks sooo good. I loved ancient history at school, so I’m excited to get started myself!!


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