Not-back-to-school Pajama Party!

My fabulously fun homeschooling friend Lonni set up a NBTS pajama party in the park yesterday.  She scheduled it for 8 a.m. (!!!) so she announced that people could come in pajamas to save getting ready time and to celebrate the fact that we don’t have to be all dressed and ready for school.  Isn’t she fun?  🙂

We live almost 2 hours away but Daryl’s parents live nearby, so we arranged a road trip to combine grandparent time and HS fun.

We had around 50 kids who showed up and it was a hoot!  It was a pot luck breakfast so there were loads of donuts, pumpkin breads, muffins, fruit, sticky buns, you name it.  We had stuff to play with and kids and parents alike had a blast.

Here are some pics!

The kids and I (I can’t remember why I didn’t put the baby in the pajamas I brought for this!)…

The boys doing the bean bag toss…

Victoria and two of Lonni’s girls strolled arm and arm all over the park (Victoria ran around so much she changed out of her hot pajamas!)…

Lonni brought this huge beach ball for volleyball…

But it kept deflating and they had to grab it and fling it instead of hitting it!  🙂

So the kids got this little ball from our car and used that instead!

Daryl cannot walk far so he set up camp at a picnic table right by our van…

Then he got out the juggle sticks and poi and dulcimer strum stick, and loads of folks came over all morning to try them out.  The kids had a ball using the poi and juggle sticks, and some of the parents even tried their hands at various things.

Some of the kids saw fish from this bridge so they fed them bits of donuts.  🙂

Here’s a pic of Lonni and me in our PJ’s!

It was a great way to kick off the new year!  We generally throw a local homeschool carnival in our yard or at the park on the first day of public school, but this was way less work for me and loads of fun.  I hope it becomes an annual tradition.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Not-back-to-school Pajama Party!

  1. This sounds like so much fun! We just had a great Not Back To School picnic with our hs group too – but ours was in swimsuits (for the kids anyway) not pj’s as the mom who hosted lives on a small lake. We all had a blast – passed a school bus on the way home dropping elementary kids off at 4:10 pm! Yikes… Glad to be hs’ing instead of that!


  2. Awe, you’re too kind! You’re pretty darn fun and fabulous yourself you know! :o)

    Love the pics! I was nervous and forgot all about my camera til later, then only had enough battery power for one photo anyway. Grr. So glad you got some and shared them here.

    That was really fun! We’ll have to do that again next year. Maybe I’ll have to do a prize drawing for anyone who dares to wear their pjs then maybe we won’t be the only ones wearing them next time! LOL!

    Thank you for traveling all the way over here to attend! That means alot!! And thank you for posting all about it on your blog. It’s so funny seeing US on the internet! Makes me feel just a tiny bit like a celebrity! ;o)


  3. OH and tell Daryl thank you again for bringing all his “toys” along! That was great entertainment for the crowd! Such a good and patient man you have there. :o)


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