Unplugged Project: Sensory Handwriting


This week’s theme at Unplug Your Kids is Smooth.  The girls have been working on cursive and Jack has been working on printing, so I thought I’d make up a little handwriting project.

I got out some pans and waxed paper and a variety of unwanted materials to play with.  I hate wasting anything so this was a good use for the awful instant coffee that had been sitting in the cupboard.  🙂  I also used flour for one tray (I keep non-organic, cheap flour on hand just for stuff like this and playdough) and some cheap lotion from a hotel.

If you use lotion, make sure you do it on waxed paper or a disposable product, since it will seep into dishes and pans and you won’t be able to cook/eat with them again!  I have an old black cookie sheet I use for this stuff, too.

I used some Handwriting Without Tears pages and we practiced making various letters and joining words.  Every few minutes we’d rotate stations so the kids could each have turns with the different materials.

The lotion was white against a white background, so I squirted a bit of ketchup on top to make it more visible.  🙂

The kids had lots of fun and ended up just playing with it after they tired of letters.  It was quick, easy, fun and basically free!


7 thoughts on “Unplugged Project: Sensory Handwriting

  1. That looked like fun!
    I also use “everything”
    from the back of the pantry etc.
    We didn’t get around to the unplugged project
    this week, but I’m enjoying everyone else’s ideas.


  2. Shaving cream is another great material to use. You can usually pick some up pretty cheaply at the $1 store. It’s good for all kinds of sensory play — preschoolers love it!


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