3 Cool Links

I’ve got a date with some Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream but I thought I’d share these great pages really quickly.

Today’s personal heroes:  Candy Cook and her gang at Raising Explorers for their rocking castle from a cardboard box.  It’s the details that slay me.  🙂  Mental note: pick up more boxes.

Fun and simple fall craft for tomorrow (besides carving our jack-o-lanterns):  Tree rubbings collage at Busy Bee Crafts.

Coolest science project I’ve heard in a long time:  Dana at Principled Discovery has a lesson plan about the upcoming Orion meteor showers.  Not only is there lots of good information about that, but she has instructions on how to collect space dust to view under a microscope.  Wow.  That is seriously too cool.


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