Good Morning!

It’s COLD, somewhere around 32 outside and we’re still unheated.  I’m chugging away at my “how long can we go?” challenge of trying to make it through October without turning on the heat.  Daryl says we’ll have to in the next couple of days.  Every day that we don’t is progess though so I’m putting it off and bundling up.

I woke with a massive headache and neckache though so I’m off to soak in a really hot bath and groan a tiny bit.

Then:  HSing, laundry, making a list, being a fabulous mother… something like that!  One or more of the above!

What are you up to today?


3 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. I’m going to keep silently cheering you on in this because we lost the no-heat challenge! Hubby broke down and turned it on over the weekend. I was so adamant because we were ALMOST there! But he got tired of listening to the kids complain about being cold morning, noon, and night and figured since the LP is already in the tank and we’ve already been socked, we might as well be comfortable in our own house. :o) And I have to say, I really don’t mind being warmer myself. ;o) Maybe we can just shut it down earlier in the spring and I can be extra vengeful about hanging clothes up to dry all year long to make up for it.


  2. Lonni, Daryl has told me that if it snows he’s turning on the heat whether I like it or not. 🙂 They’re predicting snow tonight or tomorrow so I may be out of time!

    Candy, the contraption looks interesting! The other things on the site look intriguing too. Wearable hummingbird feeders? I have to admit it looks fun. 😉


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