On the Banks of Plum Creek


We all went to nearby Walnut Grove on Monday for a photo shoot.  🙂  It was a beautiful fall day and OK Magazine has a section where they feature a photograph of readers in exotic locations holding a copy of the magazine every week.  I know Plum Creek is hardly exotic to us but people come from all over the world to see Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved home so I thought they might think it was print-worthy.

Besides, the worst case scenario was that we’d spend a lovely day outside and get some neat pictures.

The kids and I posed on the banks of Plum Creek, holding our OK magazine.

Then the kids raced leaves in the water, dropping them from one side of the bridge and running to see whose leaf won on the other side.  They dropped in giant rocks, ran around on the grass and generally played.

Daryl loves to do photography so he asked me to pose for some shots while the kids were playing.  It was fun being his model again.

Then we took a few family pics.

We all tromped around in the leaves under the walnut trees, laughed, raced and generally had a really nice time.

As we were leaving we met our little snake friend that I posted the other day.

I don’t know what kind of chances we have of actually making it into the magazine, but either way it’s OK.   Laughing


2 thoughts on “On the Banks of Plum Creek

  1. Great pics, I spent every summer growing up visiting there and going to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pagaent. I haven’t been there for a few years now though. We must live pretty close, how funny! I just happened here from Unplug Your Kids 🙂


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