Thin: Cooking & Eating Fun

This week’s theme for Unplug Your Kids was thin and I thought it sounded perfect for food.  I’ve been teaching the girls how to cook full meals lately and so we worked it in with that.

First, though, Daddy helped us out by bringing home some Lefse.  This traditional, thin Norwegian flatbread is sort of like a tortilla made out of potato, flour and milk.  Our grocery stores carry it this time of year and Daryl grew up with it so he brought some home for a treat.

The way his family serves it (and many of the others I’ve read online) is to simply spread it with butter and then sprinkle sugar on top, then roll it up.

I think it’s a bit like a soft butter & sugar tortilla (shrug) but the girls sure liked it.

The next night we moved on to cooking school.

The main course:  a simple monterey jack & spinach quiche.

Victoria made the pie crust from a recipe I found at  I meant to do a traditional rolling type but I forgot about the chilling time and wanted to get supper done ASAP so I found a quickie crust that you could mix up right in the pie pan and pop in the oven in about 2 minutes.  I thought it sounded like a fun experiment.

The basic ingredients: flour, salt, milk, oil.  We used organic whole wheat pastry flour, olive oil and sea salt, mainly because pie crusts are so unhealthy and I thought the quiche could handle the flavors.  And I’m like that.  😉

(Note: whole wheat pastry flour is lovely and light so it won’t make your family get really snippy about having such a health freak in the kitchen.  Don’t use regular whole wheat flour in pie crust or I cannot be responsible for the lack of love and admiration you may receive!)

It was super easy to mix together and then press flat (or thin, if you will!).

Okay, that picture didn’t look thin so much as goopy, but it shows how easy it was!

The funniest part was when I instructed Victoria to poke holes all over the crust while I ran upstairs to check something.  She wanted to know why I burst out laughing when I came back.

Here’s round two of poking holes, this time with a fork!  Also in the picture, my fashionable camera strap.  Ahem.

We baked it for 15 minutes and it came out golden and lovely.  Next up, Anna for the filling!

The filling was simple– eggs, milk, grated cheese, a bit of salt and pepper, and a thin (aha! see, there it is again!) layer of spinach on the bottom.

We popped that in the oven for a bit, lowered the temp and cooked it a bit more, and pulled out our tasty quiche.

We accompanied it with corn (okay, that’s not really thin at all) and eggrolls from the Laotian market (thin again!).

Jack wasn’t so sure about it but he ate a respectable amount.  Anna liked it all right and Victoria had seconds.  Here’s Anna with the final dish.

It was a tasty theme!  Suggested future theme:  chocolate.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Thin: Cooking & Eating Fun

  1. Fun to see that “potetlefse” is common outside our borders 😉 I’m not so keen on these made with potatoes, but we make some without potatoes for christmas. We sprinkle them with butter, sugar and cinnamon.


  2. OMGoodness Lefse! We eat that every holiday as well. I was thinking of making that for Muffin Tin Monday (it’s a family heritage theme this week). You can get it at the grocery store though????

    I love quiche. Looked like a good meal.


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