What to do with all that Halloween candy

The trickiest part of Halloween for me has always been the candy.

We always end up with so much candy and much of it is cheap JUNK that isn’t even tasty (several hundred 10 year-old cherry tootsie rolls anyone?).  I don’t want to be a grinch about it but I also hate the idea of my dear children filling up on red dye #40, wax and high fructose corn syrup every night until May.  And since after Halloween night I limit how much they can eat at once, it could last that long!

And that Halloween fairy business?  Don’t even ask my kids.  🙂

So I love this idea from Mom’s Marbles

The kids can eat as much candy as they want on Halloween night. After that, it’s a one-treat-per-meal rule. Sure, for a few days they’ll be having candy bars after breakfast, but after that they tend to forget to ask, and I certainly won’t remind them! Any candy that’s still in the bag at Thanksgiving turns into decorations for our gingerbread houses.

Brilliant!  It’s the perfect window of opportunity to enjoy the stuff.  By Thanksgiving you’ve eaten all the good treats and getting to use it for gingerbread houses is the perfect solution.  I’m definitely giving this a try this year.


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