10 Cool Things…

….We’ve done lately:

1.  We went to Boo at the Zoo at the Lincoln zoo on Thursday.

2.  Trick or Treated in the little neighborhood here on Friday.

3.  The girls learned to sing “Red River Valley” and happily sang it for approximately 89 hours to the great disdain of several grown ups.

4.   We visited the Durham Western Heritage Museum  in Omaha on Saturday.  There were restored old-fashioned trains we could wander through and these fantastic statues all over this beautiful old train station depicting people from the old days who would be at the station.  You walk up to them and they suddenly start talking!  Couples discuss the war, old men tell who they’re waiting for, a young woman ask for tickets so they can visit her sister and the man behind the counter tells her the prices for various fares, soldiers chat… it’s really a wonderful idea and a bit eerie to walk up and sit down by some metallic people who suddenly start talking about the war!  The museum/station itself is one of those massive old structures that takes your breath away with its architecture.  There was lots more and it was a great place to visit.

5.  Afterwards, we went to the Omaha Zoo and visited the new butterfly/insect house, the aquarium (which is fabulous and involves a long tunnel where you are surrounded on all sides and above by giant sea turtles, sharks and fish of all types) and the fabulous desert dome.  The desert dome was really cool too.  My favorite part was the swamp you could walk through to watch everything from alligators to muskrats to beavers to giant frogs going about their business at “night.”  It was so eerie and fabulous!

6.  Fabulous food!  The kids got coupons for free meals at Valentino’s Italian buffet at Boo at the zoo so we went there last night.  We stuffed ourselves.  Mmmmm!

7.  We had a fun playdate on Friday.  Two other homeschool families came over.  The kids all happily played, dressed up, sang songs and so on.  We mothers ate lemon ginger muffins and vegan double chocolate cake, and happily talked all day.  🙂

8.  The kids all dressed up in costumes on Friday afternoon and played outside.  We had fairies sitting by bushes, superheroes swinging from trees and glamour girls  dancing about.  The funny thing is that they always dress up and had completely forgotten it was Halloween!  We nearly tricked them into going on a walk and surprising them by Trick or Treating as we went, but one of the girls finally remembered and the gig was up.  I do love the way our kids are always dancing around in tutus, masks and capes.  It keeps life so whimsical.

9.   Victoria is learning all about Conway castle in north Wales.  Tiffany’s father lives nearby so they are using Google map to look at the castle and look at her dad’s house.  What amazing stuff technology can do!

10. The kids are having a blast playing with all of the animals here.  There are 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 gerbil, 3 rats and assorted fish.  Alex is enchanted with them all, and the big kids love playing with the dogs and walking about with rats up their sleeves!

We’re heading home tomorrow.  I’ll be nervous the whole way home because I don’t know how the car will behave.  Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “10 Cool Things…

  1. LOL! We were at the Omaha Zoo last winter and as much as I loved the aquarium and desert dome, my favorite was the swamp too!! We got to see a beaver swim through the water, under the lodge and come up through the hole into the lodge. It was fascinating.

    I looked up Conway castle on a map of Wales and it’s very near Llandudno, which is one city we visited while I was in Wales in college! I believe part of our group went to that castle, but a number of us were exhausted from all the travel and having seen two castles already, chose to stay in Llandudno. How cool to have been that close to Tiff’s dad!



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