Busy Busy!

What a busy few days!  We barely unpacked from Nebraska before packing for Mankato for an overnight visit.  A few highlights…

  • The kids and I volunteered at the Humane Society for our first time.  Jack got to get into a pen filled with kittens and the girls and I brushed very loving (and appreciative) cats.  Jack liked the kittens but there was a down side.  They got all riled up and kept climbing him!  Kittens have sharp claws when they suddenly scale you up to your noggin!  🙂
  • We spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.  The kids played in the attic, used the computers, talked, ran errands with Grandma and generally just enjoyed their marvelous grandparents.
  • We hit homeschool swimming in Lake Crystal.  I brought Alex this time since I knew he’d love the zero entry side and all of the fountains and balls.  He did, but it certainly upped the exhaustion factor for me!  A super-generous HS friend brought us 6 dozen eggs from her chickens, too– again.  We are going to have to put together a really neat thank you package for them.
  • Victoria wanted to write a report at Grandma & Grandpa’s and ended up researching The Red Sea.  She made a one-page, colorful report on their computer and printed it out.  It was eduational AND pretty.  😉
  • Daryl did a quick science experiment with the kids when we got home tonight.  He explained the meaning of “relative” and had them hold one hand in cold water and one in hot water.  Then he sang a little song to pass some time and then had them put both hands in some lukewarm water in the sink and see how they felt.  Like magic, one hand was hot and one was cold!
  • We hit the bread store and sales at a grocery store on our way back home to be prepared to hole up for a few day.  A snowstorm is supposedly coming our way.  Deadwood SD got over 40 inches of snow!  Other towns in our path got far less, but still enough to close highways and have the news folks telling people to just stay home for a while.  Sounds good to me!

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