Kitchen: The Learning Tower

Last time we were in Nebraska, Tiffany gave us her Learning Tower.  I’ve always liked the looks of those things but they are PRICEY so I just figured a kitchen chair would have to do!  Now thanks to Tiffany’s huge generosity, we have a really cool new toy/tool/giant piece of furniture that corresponded perfectly with this week’s Unplug Your Kids theme… kitchen.

So we decided to use it lots of ways!

First we used it so Alex could play with water/bubbles in the sink.  He loves that he can climb in it himself and can reach to “help” Daddy with dishes whenever he wants to now!

Next I lowered the platform for Jack and he helped me make Strawberry Rhubarb Banana Bread with it.

Every single kid loves climbing in this thing, and Alex loves is so much that he shrieks when anybody else goes near it.

The most fun of all was last night when we rigged up a dowel and two dish towels to make it into a puppet theater though.

Everybody wanted a turn being the puppet master, and the kids also just loved having a curtain up there to climb through.

Believe it or not, these are happy faces.  LOL  Full disclosure, baby!  This is what it’s usually like in my kitchen.   🙂

But I’m still ending with a sweet one.

Next week’s theme is still unnamed.  It was almost sort, junk, trash or donate but it turns out that was a joke.  Drat.  I could so have used that theme!  🙂


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