Homeschool Day at the Petroglyphs Pics

Here’s a few pics from the last Homeschool Day at the Petroglyphs.  The theme was primitive technology and we stuck to some of the most popular activities to make it easy for us and fun for the kids.

I go back and forth about whether I want to continue to host these.  I’ve been doing it for 4 or 5 years now and I get great feedback but it’s so much work and people just don’t show up as much as they need to in order to make it worth my while or let the petroglyphs even break even in costs.

The kids love it and I really do like playing hostess, dreaming up themes and activities and talking to the moms and dads.  I even like leading the activities and reading and playing with the kids.   I actually think that’s my favorite part.  🙂

Anyway, here’s some photos…

Victoria and Alex coloring before the day started…

Jack using a hand drill (this will be the part where Daryl emails me that I called that entirely the wrong thing), which can be used to start fires… though not without the rest of it, so the carpet was safe.  🙂

Daryl teaching about the atlatl and showing some of his many atlatls from around the world…

Some of the kids making their own atlatls…

Daryl teaching kids how to flintknap (make arrowheads and other stone points)…

Walking the path to the carvings (some upwards of 4,000 years old)…

Using atlatls to hunt the (very docile, styrofoam) buffalo.  If you haven’t tried it you really must!  Think huge, primal darts.  The wind made it very, very hard that day!

One boy just after launching the spear (which is called a dart despite its size).  The atlatl is the tool in his hand that pushes the dart through the air.  The difference between throwing a spear and using an atlatl to throw one is like the difference between throwing a baseball or hitting it with a bat.  It goes much faster, farther and harder.  Historical trivia– the Aztecs reverted back to atlatls to fight the Spaniards because then they could pierce armor!

Jack making an arrowhead.  Where are the goggles I made him wear?  🙂

Alex napped in the coziest spot in the place– on a buffalo rug in the tipi…

Anna posing by the travois display (all hands on).  The Dakota used dogs to pull all of their belongings when they moved.  Everything they owned could be packed up in 15 minutes!

Playing the moccasin game…

Victoria showing off her finished arrowhead…

It was a fun day.  The next HS Day is in February and the theme is old time fun and games.


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