10 Ways to Make Today Magical

I’m busy with Saturday stuff so I’m recycling!  😉  Here’s a list of 10 ways to make the day magical from one of my old newsletters

10 Ways to Make Today Magical…..

1.  String popcorn and wind the strings around bushes and tree limbs as treats for the birds.  You can alternate cranberries, raisins and even bread cubes for other tasty, healthy options.

2.  Mix washable tempera paint with a little dish soap and paint winter or holiday scenes on the windows.  For little ones, cut sponges into holiday shapes like trees, ornaments, dreidels and bells and let them stamp the paint on.  It’ll wash right off with water and a sponge later.  To make clean-up easier, you can decorate the outside of the windows, though it won’t be waterproof, of course.

3.  Have the kids draw with markers or crayons just using their feet.  It may help to tape down the paper on the floor.

4.  Tape a length of string at net level, blow up a balloon, and have a family game of volleyball inside.

5.  Take up altered books.  Find a couple of big old books that nobody loves and turn them into your own personal scrapbooks, journals & art projects.  My girls and I spend hours working in ours.  You can use paint, markers, crayons, oil pastels, scrapbook papers, stamps, stickers, hole punches, glitter, shoe polish, magazine cut-outs, anything you can think of.  Cut slits in a page and weave strips of paper through.  Cover the front with mosaics, fabric, spray paint, you name it.  There are no rules, it costs next to nothing and there’s nothing to lose.  Google “altered books” to find a zillion wonderful examples of the kind of creativity people use with theirs.  (Note: an article with photos is coming soon in the crafts section of the web site.)

6.  Have a picnic supper on a sheet on the living room floor.

7.  Paint the kids’ faces.  For an easy face paint substitute, use fun colors of lipstick and a small paintbrush.

8.  Tape strips of crepe paper (or toilet paper) from the ceiling in part of their room to make a mini hideaway for a day.

9.  Go to a craft store and take a free class together.

10. Go on a Whimsy Walk.  Get dressed up in something fun and grab whatever props you can find– bubbles, ribbon wands (tie a long ribbon to a stick to make your own), crowns, tambourines, maracas, you name it.  Bring extras for families who might join you as you go (yes, people really have asked to join us!).

Have a great day! 



2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. I thought I’d mention this, after reading your altered book suggestion. When I was young, my mom worked in a wallpaper store. They are always getting rid of old books to make room for new ones. The old wallpaper books are very big books and most have cool paper and patterns inside. You might call around to local wallpaper shops and see if you can get some. I am still friends with my mom’s old boss, so I get them from time to time.


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