10 Fun Things…

…We’ve done here lately:

1.  Daryl and the kids stopped by the museum at Walnut Grove and talked to the new director of the summer festival about ideas for next year’s festivities.

2.  Victoria started making her own earrings.

3.  The kids played Kids’ Trivial Pursuit.

4.  Alex did lots of art while the big kids and I did Story of the World.  (Note:  I really want something else for world history next time.  Any suggestions?)

5.  We have start putting puzzles together at night after Alex is asleep.  Another note:  Anna tends to model like she’s acting a part.  I’m not sure what the faces mean!)

6.  Victoria made a lion mask from a pizza insert.  Here’s the work in progress.

7.  The girls did vocabulary photos.

Here’s haughty.

Here’s morose.

8.  I had the big kids run 10 laps each up and down the stairs.  Victoria decided to challenge herself and go for 50, and Anna decided to go for 40.  They made it!  Jack cheered them on after his mandatory 10.  🙂

9.  Jack entertained Alex.  He carried him around, jumped on the couch with him, gave him horsey rides and mostly didn’t scream when he tried to topple his block towers.  😉

10.  Learned to make this face!


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