10 Fun Ways to Learn Today

We had fun doing some of the 10 fun things to do that I posted the other day so I thought I’d brainstorm 10 more.

1.  Make up polls and graph the results.  We’ve done favorite ice cream flavors and colors in the past.  We even graphed the favorite colors one in M&Ms (I bought Easter and regular colors to cover all the bases!).  Let the kids pick their own categories to poll about and call friends and relatives to get their votes.

2.   Report on a historical event as a news report.  Let the kids pick an event and play news reporters to fill in viewers about what happened.  If you have more than one child, let one be an anchorwoman, one a reporter, one a witness and so on.  Videotape it if you can!

3.  Chart the temperature.  Find out the highs or lows for the past month (or week) and plot them on a chart together, then see if you can find out what they were last year and plot them in a different color.  What sort of difference do you see?  What do the kids predict will happen in the next month?  Revisit it next month and see how close you got.

4.  Have a dictionary hunt.  Daryl had a teacher who did this years ago.  Leave a clue for each word, such as “it won’t be late on page 141” (punctual) and have your child search the page for a word that matches the clue/definition.  The last word can be a clue about where to find a little prize (like “in the appliance on page 337 you’ll find your reward” and hide it in the oven.  Okay, his teacher didn’t have the prize at the end but I think it adds extra fun.  🙂

5.  Memorize a short poem to perform at supper (or for grandma or grandpa).  Videotape them if you can.  Kids love to see themselves do anything!

6.  Alphabetize the spice rack, the DVD collection or the canned goods.

7.   Have a calorie guessing contest.  Gather up a bunch of foods and have the kids each estimate how many calories they think are in one serving of each food (be sure to tell them the serving size).  Calculate how close each guess is and figure out who got closest.

8.  See if you can land your plane in the right world city!  This site is addictive and educational, a winning combination!

9.   Have a long jump contest and keep track of the results.  Each contestant gets 3 jumps.  Record the measurements and then see if the jumps got better as they went or worse, and who jumped the farthest.  You can also figure out the average length of each person’s jump.  We did this today and 5 year old Jack was our best jumper (at 51 inches).  The kids wanted to keep jumping and trying to beat his record, but nobody could!

10. Reword a nursery rhyme, song or famous poem.  Use a thesaurus or just your imagination and change as many words as possible to write a new poem with the same meaning.  Tiny aquamarine fellow, arrive and play your instrument….  Bleat, Bleat ebony ewe, possess you any fleece?   😉


2 thoughts on “10 Fun Ways to Learn Today

  1. Wow, nice ideas. I like the reporter idea. We’ll try some of these things… especially now that we have a break at Village Home (our homeschooling school… home away from home, where we spend so much time). We’ll be spending lots of time at home. 🙂


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