Crafty Goodness

Want to make something crafty and adorable with the kids?  Here’s some fabulous projects I’ve stumbled upon lately….

The Storque has this darling tutorial of how to make a chipmunk from a knit glove.

The Cherry Blossom Girl has instructions to make lovely flower crowns.

Betsyann posted instructions on how to make darling leg warmers (and purses, dresses and more) on Craftster.

Even easier?  Use socks!  Z Recommends shows you how.

The Crafty Chica tells how to make this secret compartment book.

Lastly, Carrieme shared instructions on Craftster about how to make this lovely Waldorf style doll from a few items from the dollar store.

We have some projects to finish up here but I’m going to keep these in mind for lazy days and gifts for the kids to make.  What are you crafting at your place?


One thought on “Crafty Goodness

  1. Alicia,
    Do you have a direct link to the waldorfy style dolls from craftster? I tried looking around the site but my computer is old and it was going slooowww…I found a few good ideas but no dolls and would love to check them out!



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