10 Ways to Make Today Magical (Holiday Style)

* * * * * * * 10 Ways to Make Today Special… Holiday Style * * * * * *

1.  Decorate a tree for the birds using strands of popcorn, pine cone bird feeder ornaments (roll in peanut butter or sunbutter and then bird seeds), edible seed pods from the garden, etc.

2.  Make cinnamon applesauce ornaments for a scent that will fill up the house (about one part applesauce to two parts cinnamon, leave to dry overnight or bake in a slow oven).  Shape into dreidels, stars, letters, trees, you name it.  Hang in windows and scatter throughout the house for a lovely scented decoration.  Paint with clear nail polish or shellac to make more permanent (though I’m not sure if you’ll keep the scent).

3.  Put jingle bells everywhere!  Sew them onto the kids’ socks, hang them on doorknobs, even put a couple on the pets if they don’t mind.  😉

4.  Cut  out paper snowflakes with the kids and decorate the walls and windows galore.

5.  Have the kids put a special holiday message on the answering machine.

6.  Go on a field trip to collect pine boughs and pine cones to decorate the house.  Spread them on windowsills, tables, etc. and top with colorful bows and ornaments.

7.  Wrap your pictures on the walls.  Take down that tired artwork and wrap it in your nicest wrapping paper.  Top it with a ribbon and bow and hang it back on  the wall.  Enlist the kids to help find other things like cannisters to wrap for extra whimsy.

8.  Find a program to adopt a family and get presents for them, or shop for a “toys for tots” gift with your little ones.  Talk about how happy the child will be to get this present and how happy it makes us to share with her or him.

9.  Add curling ribbon to your daughter’s hair by tying it onto pony tails or barrettes.  Dress everybody in festive colors, red and green, and decorations.  Use small ornaments as necklaces and even tinsel in pony tails.

10. Start a holiday memory book.  Get a scrapbook and start a yearly tradition of filling it with photos, wrapping paper samples, wish lists, summaries of the year and letters to the family.  Record the gifts everybody gets, the meals you serve, the niceties you do for others and your favorite recipes.  Make note of all those little things that make the holiday special, for a souvenir to treasure.

(Note:  I lifted this from one of my old newsletters since I have to go make my living room merry!  Happy Sunday!)


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