Where'd You Learn That?

One of the things I like about homeschooling is that my kids still learn so much completely on their own.  I really love it when they teach me things, which happens at an alarming rate around here.

I just had to share this conversation I had with Victoria a few minutes ago.

Victoria:  Ooh!  Is that henna?  Could we use it for henna art?!

Me:  It is henna but you can’t use it, it’s for my hair.  Terribly sorry!

Victoria:  Okay, how much is it?  $18?  I didn’t know henna was so expensive.

Me:  Well that’s for 2 bags and this is very fancy quality punjabi henna.  It’s not just any old henna.  They hand harvested it… on llamas… in the mountains of… India!

Victoria:  You mean Peru?

Me:  No, India!  I don’t know.  Why?!

Victoria:  Because there are no llamas in India.

Me:  Well that’s why it’s so expensive.  They have to import the llamas too!

Know it all kid.  Wink


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