A Butterfly Award!


I was the recipient of this neat award from Summer Fae!  Why thank you!!!


The rules of the award are…


1.Put the logo on your blog
2.Add a link to the person who awarded you
3.Nominate 10 blogs that you follow
4.Add links to those blogs
5.Leave a message to those nominees on their blog


So I’m passing the torch to….

Raising Explorers 

Unplug Your Kids

How to be an AP Parent… 

Such Lovely Freckles

Julie K in Taiwan

Art Projects for Kids


Okay, a quick bit of counting will no doubt reveal that I only listed 6.  I have soup on the stove and 6 is my favorite number today.  😉


One more thing.  Does it make me a geek that the grammar on the logo makes me a bit nuts?  Yeah, I thought so.  Ah well.





7 thoughts on “A Butterfly Award!

  1. LOL!!! Well, gee thanks! 😀 **blush**

    And I, in my typical way, didn’t even notice the grammar, I simply noticed *I* had an award!!! 😀 This is why I have few wrinkles !! ;D

    …..oooohhhh!! SHINY!!!!!!!!………


  2. You’re totally nuts. What is this award? “For the coolest blog I ever know..” That doesn’t make any sense at all. First, because the sentence(?) is horrid. Secondly, you’re handing it out to 6 people. How can SIX people all have *the coolest* blog you ever knowed? hahaha.. Thanks! You know I’m just joking. It’s great to be appreciated.


  3. Wow… my first ever award. I do feel quite honored. Thank you. 🙂
    Unfortunately I have no idea how to fix the grammar. I even tried by cropping the sentence out of the full award, but adding the new text and making it part of the award has not worked.

    I’ll still take the award though. 🙂 Thank you.


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