Our Advent Lapbook


We used to have a tradition of hiding elaborately decorated orphan baby socks every day to count down the days till Christmas.  Every one would have small treats for each child.  The kids loved it, but over the years I lost the socks and never got around to making them all up again.

This year I wanted to give the kids a fun and easy way to count down the days again so I made up an advent activity lapbook.

I used an addition lapbook from enchantedlearning.com as a template and asked Daryl if he could put numbers in instead of the math problems it had.  He’s so handy he did it up for me and then I printed up the pages with activities typed in each square to go behind the doors.

I used packing tape to attach two file folders to each other, leaving the top open so I can change up the activities from year to year.  I glued the number pages to the top and used an exacto knife to cut 3 sides of each box to make the doors.  I slid the activity pages behind the windows and fastened them with a bit of tape inside.  Then I had the kids take turns decorating the whole thing and voila!  All done!

The first day, we made snowflakes for the windows and cupboards.  The second day, we made Christmas playdough (bright red and green with gold glitter mixed in).

Tomorrow it’s ice ornaments for outside (freeze colored water in small containers with string for hanging, add berries or pine boughs or whatever if you like for a pattern, freeze outside, pop out, hang on your bushes and trees).

Here’s some of the activities I put in it:

Make Christmas playdough
Bake cookies
Drink hot buttered rum (or kiddie version)
Cut paper snowflakes to decorate the house
Make ice ornaments for outside
Make chocolate covered pretzels
Get a holiday pedicure/manicure (paint nails with xmas colors, dots, etc.)
Drink cocoa with whipped cream
String popcorn for tree outside
Make salt dough ornaments
Call friends and family and sing carols
Make jingle bell anklets and dance in them
Make a holiday video program
Create a yuletide cocoction to simmer on the stove (choose spices, ingredients to put in water and simmer to smell up the place and humidify)
Have a paper snowball fight inside
Make chocolate pretzel presents
Decorate yourself in ribbons and bows!
Read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” (our favorite read-aloud of the season)
Make paper garlands
Prepare a feast for the birds and squirrels

Someday we’ll get back to all those lovely little oddball socks.  In the meantime, this works really well!


4 thoughts on “Our Advent Lapbook

  1. WOW Your advent lapbook is a great idea and so pretty!!!! 😀 I LOVE it!! 😀 Our little cups are working out nicely! Today’s is Make Gingerbread ready for our gingerbread house making party!! : D

    I like the idea of ice ornaments though… it’s too unpredictably warm and cold here at the moment… they’d probably melt!! ;D


  2. If it’s warm, all the better! Then you make it math and science by having the kids all predict how long they think it’ll take to melt them! LOL Then you can figure out the average and the difference between each and the actual time…… 😉


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