You know you're at Tiffany's house when…

So, Tiffany and I were just sitting and talking in the dining room.  The girls were off doing secret book club things and the boys were playing with cars and watching videos.  We’d been to see the Christmas parade, hit Target for some supplies and were enjoying a cup of tea.

Then up drove a mini van and a woman got out carrying what looked like a dog in her arms.

I should have known things are never that normal at Tiffany’s house.

We just got a visit from a very nice lady and her 3 month old fainting goat.  The goat (named Oreo) wore an 18 month toddler’s brown vest, a denim diaper and a hot pink collar with rhinestones.  She was quite a stylish goat.  She also thought she was a dog.

She had a great time trying to head butt Tiffany’s dogs and happily sat around and got loved on for a half hour while we learned all about fainting goats.

What did we learn in homeschool today?  Well….

  • Fainting goats are only one step from endangered.  They are classified as threatened.
  • They are meat goats, but don’t have much meat on them.
  • They remain conscious when they faint, and it only lasts about 10 seconds.
  • When they faint, they become stiff as a board.  This also builds their muscles and supposedly makes them tasty!
  • They are very smart.  Oreo is nearly fully potty trained.
  • Oreo faints at random and she won’t faint at just anything.  The sight of a flute case did the trick yesterday though.
  • The head of the International Fainting Goat Society lives nearby.
  • They like to be scritched near their horns, which are quite wiggly.
  • They can be very attached to their owners and cuddly.
  • They love to eat weeds, especially bindweed, and do a great job taking care of lawns and fields to avoid using herbicides.
  • They are easy to train with goat cookies!

We also saw her toes and learned how she uses them to climb and where they need to be trimmed.  Oreo is being raised by a young girl for a 4-H project.  It was quite a treat to sit and learn about her.

And now I have to go tell a small boy to make less noise while building couch cushion forts.


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