Last Day at Tiffany's

Today is our last day here in Nebraska.  We have had such a fun time!  Some of the highlights…

  • Reading “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” to a pile of little girls almost peeing their pants from laughing.
  • Visiting Petco and getting to hold a super cool chameleon and watch his independently moving eyes, plus meeting many dogs and getting to watch puppies play in the doggie day care.
  • Visiting with other cool kids and moms who came by.
  • Playing dress-up, puppy tag, wizards, cars and a billion other games together.
  • Drinking hot buttered rum and sampling different flavors of Kahlua and cream with Tiffany.  Slurp!
  • Making a gingerbread village together, catastrophes and all.  🙂
  • Doing a late-night Target run with Tiffany, without a single child!
  • Watching the Christmas parade on the roof of the parking garage and from the skyway, drinking hot cocoa and eating chocolate covered pretzels as we did.
  • Reading piles of holiday books at bedtime.
  • Attending a holiday open house at a beautiful restored farmhouse filled with Christmas cheer and fabulous food (except Jack came home in the wrong red, black and grey coat!).
  • Sneaking fancy truffles in the kitchen with Tiffany while the kids snuck gingerbread house candy in the living room.
  • Laughing, joking, telling stories, venting and just hanging out with good friends.

Still on the agenda for our last day– finish our read-aloud, make paper garlands, make jingle bell anklets to dance in, record a video performance, make a fire in the fireplace and drink more hot buttered rum!  Snow was predicted for today so I’m a bit anxious about the drive home.  I’m hoping for clear skies, clear roads, happy kids and a well behaved car!  😉  Wish us luck!


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