Fainting Goats, Chameleons and Elmo

Just sharing a few pics from our trip!  I already told you about them so I won’t blabber on but here’s some images.

Isn’t the goat stylish?!  And she matched Victoria!  😉

And the chameleon.  Isn’t he cool?!

And a bit of the parade we watched.  It was fun watching them wrangle Elmo through the traffic lights!  🙂

More pics to come, but now I have to go snuggle with my sweetie.   Tomorrow we have a doctor’s appointment and a possible field trip to a volunteer appreciation gig at the Betsy-Tacy society in Mankato so it may be a busy day.  If we go we’ll spend the night with the in-laws and go volunteer at the humane society and probably shop while we’re in civilization….

It’s nice to be home (for a minute)!


One thought on “Fainting Goats, Chameleons and Elmo

  1. I swear there is nothing quite as terrible as Elmo. When I just got pregnant with my son, my daughter was very much into Elmo’s World. For a couple of years after my pregnancy hearing the music of Elmo’s World would remind me of my morning sickness… and I’d instantly get sick.

    I like the lizard though… uhm… the chameleon. 😉


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