10 Fun things we've done lately

1.  Played reading match-up

2.  Made ice ornaments for the trees (after picture to come! it’s on my other camera)

3.  Did math pages for ribbon candy!  The kids decided to do extra!  😉

4.  Made origami newspaper monsters, animals and more

5.  Played lots and lots of Hyper Dash (me too!) (more on that later!)

6.  Made 65 of these puppies PLUS hand decorated the borders of 65 holiday letters when we lost our holiday stationery!

7.   Did this puzzle we got second hand that was marked ALL THERE that had one piece missing, right in the middle Tongue out

8.  I gave the kids holiday manicures and pedicures of red and white stripes, polka dots and snowflakes.  They’re already chipped so next we’re doing marker manicures.  Smile

9.   Daddy and Alex wrestled over who got to have Jack!  There were many shouts of “Mine! Mine!” and many giggles from small boys.

10.  I gave the kids a giant box of corn starch packing peanuts to sculpt with (they melt on contact and you can press them together to make sculptures).  They were fun but messy!


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