Why is it….

… that Annalee can correctly spell “nocturnal” but not “very”?

… that we can turn out 50 homemade cards in a day and a half but it takes a week to do the last 10?

… that I can get through 3 loads of laundry, cleaning the living room, reading poetry with the kids, baking a mix and match cake and a dozen other things off my to-do list but I can’t make myself do one “Story of the World” chapter with the kids?

… that one year-old boys are so fascinated by toilet bowls and putting things in them?

… that Jack has no interest in gymnastics through community ed but he can’t resist swinging from my canopy bed?

… that a 5 year-old as smart as Jack would not realize that said canopy bed would break if he swung by it?

… that it takes a half hour to clean off my dining room table and 5 minutes to get it back to where it started?

… that out of four children, not a single one of them would turn out to be “the quiet one”?

… that Jack thought it would be tasty and/or educational to fill the ice cube tray with snow and crushed tortilla chips?

Ah well.  None of the answers matter.  Bedtime has finally come and tomorrow is a whole new day of things to break, lose, mess up and leave undone!  😉


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