10 Fun things we've done lately

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.  Maybe it’s the 63 minutes of sunlight a day or maybe it’s the temps in the double digits below zero or maybe it’s being cooped up with multiple small boys and moody girls.  In any case, we’ve managed to do a few fun things despite me. 

Here’s a sample…

  1. Anna and I went shopping downtown today so she could buy things at Dueber’s Variety with her very own money.  Anna lives to shop.  The child would be happy if you let her buy rolls of toilet paper.  She purchased 1/3 of a yard of clearance pink fleece, one doll accessory set with a magical disappearing milk baby bottle, some deep blue embroidery floss and 2 pink stencils.  She is over the moon with her treasures.
  2. We strung popcorn for the birds.  At least a foot.  🙂
  3. I got a huge Scholastic order of super cool educational books— picture books about grammar, fractured fairy tale math books, Colonial America comic strips…. I love Scholastic! The kids happily devoured the pile of books, completely oblivious to all the accidental educating going on.
  4. Daryl has been researching our family trees and we’re learning all sorts of things about where we come from.  It’s kind of nice to have a snippet of my own tree, since I grew up feeling a bit like a dandelion seed.
  5. The kids watched WALL-E (or however that’s spelled) again.  And again.
  6. Victoria and Anna have been giving travois rides on blankets around the kitchen floor.  (The Dakota used travois pulled by dogs to transport their possessions when they moved.)
  7. Jack read “make” and “snowflake” on the advent lapbook when he opened today’s flap.  He was a little hung up on “quesadillas,” poor boy!  😉  (To make snowflake quesadillas, fold a quesadilla in thirds and let the kids snip triangular bits with clean scissors and unfold.  Sprinkle cheese on an uncut quesadilla and top with your cut one.  Wrap in paper towel and microwave till cheese is melted or briefly grill in a hot skillet.)
  8. We discussed why warmer temperatures cause big fluffy snowflakes.
  9. I bought a four-pack of inexpensive, sturdy wine glasses for the kids to use and gave them some ground rules for using them for eggnog and water and such.  You would not believe how fancy these kids feel with their fancy glasses.  Two bucks could not be better spent.  (Alex got a snazzy new water bottle.  I’m not nuts.)
  10. Victoria and I took turns reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” together.  Annalee read us poetry by Edgar Allen Poe.

2 thoughts on “10 Fun things we've done lately

  1. Ah, Jaylene would fit right in happily with your crew 😉 Jayden too, but I’m not sure I want him learning about the fun of flushing items away. As I’m a bit, ahem, grumpy, right now too, we could send the kids out to play and commiserate. When will blogs come equipped with teleporting abilities?


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