Great Little ASL Site

The kids have been learning American Sign Language, using a combination of books and videos.  They watched Talking Hands the other day and it was nice and slow paced for the little ones and repetitive enough that even I know their signs after one viewing.  We got it through Netflix, a favorite HS resource for us.

Today I found this comprehensive ASL site where you can look up words and see them signed with a little written description of what the sign looks like too.  I was looking for “more,” since that’s something Alex asks for a lot and I wanted to show him the sign.  I found that, along with everything from Mormon to moron as well.  🙂

I’m ordering some more sophisticated DVDs from Netflix next time.  At some point I’d like to find a real person to do some tutoring with the kids and maybe a class.  Anybody have any recommendations for other good ASL resources?

2 thoughts on “Great Little ASL Site

  1. Signing Times videos are great! We have a couple of them and the kids love them. Lots of music and little kids on them. I know some people have been able to check them out at the library and others have seen them on tv early in the morning. I think you have to have Dish Network to get them because I can’t find them on cable.
    Love your blog :o)


  2. I second the Signing Time recommendation. My boys have loved them, and even Jim and I enjoy them and have learned some signs. The songs are very catchy.

    I also found a great video series from the library called Say It With Sign. It is from the 80 so way cheesy-looking fashion-wise, but an awesome, awesome course. Jim and I learned a ton, and I came away with enough sign to be semi-fluent talking with my deaf gran. Here’s a link:

    Maybe you can find it on netflix, youtube, or at your library.


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