How to do 9 Weeks of Spelling in 20 Minutes

We homeschool in that gray area of not quite unschooling.  I call us “relaxed, eclectic” homeschoolers because it sums us up best and also nicely avoids labels where there are rules we have to follow.

Yes, I am so anti-authority that I balk at unschooling rules.  😉

I have also been on the wrong end of the Evil Unschool Queen, and also just occasionally like being able to go “Wait!  We haven’t done spelling in months!  Spell kumquat!” and have my poor hapless children have to comply.

Ah, the power.

Anyway, today was one of those days when I suddenly decided we should do spelling.  And since we hadn’t done spelling in months (in a “schooly” way), I decided we needed to make up for lost ground.

So I googled “third grade spelling lists” and presto, found this nice teacher who’d done some work for me.  A year’s worth of spelling lists for Anna.   Then I called Anna up, found her a notebook and a pen that worked, and told her we were going to do spelling (sorry, Evil Unschool Queen, she was thrilled).

Since it seemed kind of silly to make her spend a bunch of time writing words she already knew, I just read the words out loud and had her spell them orally.  If she got them right, we kept going.  If she got one wrong, I spelled it out for her and had her write it down.

I told her we’d keep going until she had 10 words written down.

We went through week 9 before we had enough.

After that, I asked her to write each word in a sentence.

She wrote them out, had fun being creative and silly with her sentences, and learned them.  I’ll add those 10 to the list when we take it up next time (which could be in March when I suddenly shriek that we haven’t done spelling again).

Then I printed out a year’s worth of 5th grade for Victoria and asked Daryl to read through them with her to do the same.  She, too, had a blast and did great.

Think how many hours the poor kids would have wasted writing out words they already knew if they did spelling every day.  And since they only have to do spelling every other blue moon, they think it’s a treat and happily eat it up.  It’s win, win, if you ask me.

Or at least it works for us.  🙂

Now if I could only figure out how to do 9 weeks of laundry in 20 minutes…


3 thoughts on “How to do 9 Weeks of Spelling in 20 Minutes

  1. It’s the folding part that I hate. Laundry, is easy… especially with boys filling the machines and begging to have their turn at starting it. However, nobody begs to fold them or put them away, which leads me to believe that process is severely flawed.


  2. Ah, well I’m lucky with those parts! Daryl folds all the laundry, bless his heart, and the kids put their own away.

    It’s the sorting and hauling load after load to the basement and up again that I dislike. And the neverending part! 🙂


  3. We’re doing this this morning…! I also have to come up with a spelling list relating to Dragons, but that’s for later! This list works for now! 😀 We’ve come up with 10 words that she struggled with but got to week eleven!! Now Jessie is going to write a story and each sentence has to have the next misspelled word in it!!; D We’ll see how it goes! ;D

    Thanks for the idea! 😀


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