Jiggedy Jig

We’re home again!

It’s been a whirlwind of days and I can’t wait to blog about my big birthday yesterday. Today was a loooooong day though so I’ll do a big write up tomorrow!

It was such a wonderful week and it is so nice to be home. Life is good. 🙂


For you munchkins who check my blog, here’s some quick things to use your brain on!

1. Write 3 sets of words that rhyme. The bigger, stranger or sillier, the better.

2. If you could have lunch with anybody from history, who would you choose? Are there any questions you would ask her/him?

3. What’s the average of 30, 32 and 34? Can you figure it out without doing any addition or division?

4. Name 10 adjectives that could describe a really fabulous hat.

5. Find a world map and then list 3 places on it that sound like people’s names (plus where they are).

6. If you do at least 4 of the above, go find your mom and say you’ve earned chocolate. 😉 It’s okay to ask for help!


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