Thursday in Pictures


We made our monthly trek to Lake Crystal for Homeschool Swimming yesterday.  It was such a fun day!  We met Grandma and Grandpa at Dairy Queen beforehand and ate some fabulous junk food first.

I had a migraine so I didn’t feel up to bringing Alex to the pool for an hour and a half.  We made a quick stop at the thrift store for a pile of great books for everybody and then Daryl dropped us off and parked in the parking lot to play with Alex and his new flashy Matchbox car.

Jack happily played ball, slid down the pirate water slide and was thrilled when one of his favorite girlfriends showed up (with a male Barbie to play with to boot!).

Victoria made friends with an 11 year-old new to homeschooling, dove for her bracelet and did the big slide again and again.

I went out and got Alex when there was just a half hour left and he and I changed into our swimsuits.  He had a blast playing in the water and Annalee was a great big sister with him in the pool.  She even took him down the pirate slide again and again, which he loved!

I love HS swimming at LCARC and it was even free this week!  It was a neat day.

Today’s a snowy day at home.  We’ve been doing oodles of projects and crafts and such.  More on that later!


4 thoughts on “Thursday in Pictures

  1. How much fun, we hope to make it next month. I just joined a yahoo group for the Mankato home schoolars and was bummed to see it was Thursday (I joined Wednesday night, haha!). It looks like a very nice pool also 🙂

    And the junky Dairy Queen, it’s a perk of living in MN and the surronding areas. Growing up, DQ was the only “fast food” we ever got! We enjoy it every once in a while. Take care and enjoy your snowy day!


  2. Yes, it’s called a zero entry pool when it’s like that and that whole side of the pool is shallow for little ones. It’s a fabulous pool in a small town recreational center and homeschool swimming is only about $2 a swimmer (though it was free this week). There is a really fabulous story behind the place too! It’s over an hour drive for us but well worth it each month. 🙂


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