Book Sale

Okay, if you’re like me you need more books like you need more dust in your house, but I couldn’t resist passing this on.  Who doesn’t love cheap books?  🙂 is having a promotion right now where for every dollar you spend, you earn a dollar in free books from their list of nearly 5,000 books that qualify.  I’ve ordered from them in the past and they generally have some pretty good deals.  I even got an autographed Tomie DePoala hardcover book of folktales for $8 for Jack for Christmas this year, along with lots of neat chapter books for Anna and some wonderful novels for Victoria.

I noticed some of our favorite books in their children’s books this time.  Crictor and Kiss the Cow are two picture books that we absolutely adore and I think they have More, More, More Said the Baby, which is another beloved one.  There are tons more.  I narrowed the search to paperbacks between $1 and $3 for ages 4-8 in order to just browse picture books, since there are just so many.  You can also search for favorite authors, award winners, individual titles or key words like fairies or dinosaurs.

I didn’t find very many children’s books in the free area that I wanted, so I bought great kids’ books from their regular section (which is super cheap as it is) and then bought myself books about decorating and such for “free” with the dollars I earned.  It was a nice way to treat myself with no guilt!  🙂

I generally keep a second window open and look up titles on Amazon to read the reader reviews on anything that looks good.  Some of the titles that I got this time were Big Momma Makes the World (Victoria has loved this book since she was tiny and I was thrilled to find a cheap copy), Jane and the Dragon, Cinder Edna, Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp, The Bugliest Bug, The Train of States and a fun looking lesson plan book for grades 1-3 on Russia.  There are also tons of workbooks and lots of educational stuff.

Their books are generally seconds, so they often have a black mark along the outside of the pages or some other small sign that they were discounted.  We don’t care, but it’s good to know if it’s a gift or something.  They’ll tell you if the book is cover worn or anything else though.

And no, I don’t get any kickbacks for posting this!  Just passing this on for other book fiends.  🙂


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