10 Fun Things…

…We’ve done, learned, etc. lately!

1.  Jack and I read a pile of picture books while the others perched next to us, including a great book on verbs and one on commas.  Afterwards, he happily found verbs going on all over the room.

2.   Each of the kids did two 50-point quizzes on Webkinz, once in math and once in a subject of their choice.  Even I learned some things!   (Should I admit that?!)

3.  Victoria tried out her new snazzy snowball maker and everybody agreed it was super cool.  They also all exhausted themselves outside playing with it, which was nice after being cooped up from the cold for days.

4.  Anna and Victoria made Barbie clothes with scrap fabric and fabric glue.  Jack joined in and Anna helped him make clothes for his manly doll (who unfortunately has to wear skirts until they get pants down!).

Worst dressed tough guy EVER!  🙂

5.  Victoria’s custom earring business is going strong, with both Jack and Anna commissioning custom pairs often.  Jack has been ordering them for loved ones like his old Head Start teacher Jan.

6.  We bought a bunch of used books at a couple of thrift stores and the kids have been reading chapter books, picture books and kid magazines to themselves and each other at a breakneck pace.

7.  Annalee has been writing songs.  This one is about how you only appreciate things and people once you’ve lost them.  Note the magic marker freckles her sister gave her!

8.   Alex and I watched toddler videos on you-tube, including one in Korean about singing poop.  I have to do something really enriching with him today to balance that thing out!  😉

9.  Victoria volunteered to teach kindergarten to Jack and third grade to Anna, since they wanted more school.  She had them doing handwriting, worksheets and various assignments.  Anna’s already over it.  Victoria makes her do too much work!

10. Victoria made a storage box into a padded car and gave Alex (and occasionally Jack) rides through the kitchen in it.  It thrilled Alex and completely exhausted Victoria.  Phys ed!


4 thoughts on “10 Fun Things…

  1. Singing poop!?! Hahahaha, do not give my kids the link or it will be requested repeatedly day after day after day………………………

    I’ve always thought those snowball makers look pretty snazzy, they must work well too?

    And your kids must really like the Webkinz, I don’t know a lot about them but have heard good things from other parents.

    Overall, it was one busy and fun day for you guys! You’ll all sleep well, or at least you should haha 🙂


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