10 Fun Things…

…We’ve learned, done, you know the drill.  🙂

We spent just about all day out of town doing shopping and errands but we managed a bit of learning and fun despite it.   Here’s some….

  • We dropped off 3 bags of books at the Dundee gas station to donate to their rack of free books for those who can use them.
  • While we were there, Daryl picked up two new books from the rack.  One was a Barbie first words board book in Spanish.   Victoria drilled Daddy on spanish words for things like beach, soccer ball and feather boa (because “feather boa” should be one of your baby’s first words) on the drive and then he made up phrases to see if she could figure out what he was saying.
  • While Anna and I were picking out party favors at the Dollar Tree, Daryl moved the van so the other kids could climb a giant mountain of snow and play King of the Hill.
  • The kids and I made spring rolls for the first time ever last night and they were fabulous!  I’ll post the recipe and pictures later.  It was a great kid meal and super easy.
  • We went to Pizza Hut for lunch and turned in the kids’ Book It reader reward coupons for their free pan pizzas.  Yum!
  • Daryl and the girls saw a new kind of hawk on the drive down and Anna used her bird ID book to try to identify it.  Later they positively identified it as a Northern Rough-Legged Hawk.  On the drive home we saw a raccoon and 2 deer (which we thankfully did not hit!).
  • Victoria and Anna played an animal guessing game on the drive home with questions about whether the animals were mammals, were found in North America, were imaginary and could swim.
  • The bigger kids learned a division trick from CyberChase.
  • We’ve been watching The Biggest Loser and doing sit-ups and other exercises.  The bigger kids have been doing push-ups with great panting and dramatics as they get towards the end, so Alex joined them by throwing himself on the floor, chest-down and breathing heavily.  🙂
  • On the drive home, Victoria noticed that the oncoming headlights seemed to be shining beams of light straight up.  Daryl had the kids brainstorm about what could be causing it, and Anna correctly guessed that it was scattering snow catching the light that was pointed towards us and defracting it (the lights in towns we passed did not point up since they were not pointed at us).

(Sometime tonight, Daryl will inform me that I explained that all wrong and tell me what i should have said.  That’s why Daryl teaches about light refraction!)  🙂


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