Creeping Oobleck!

This is so cool!

[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″/]

We were all watching “Time Warp” (a science show on the Discovery Channel) today and they did a bunch of experiments with oobleck, including a variation of this one.  It was so cool I asked Daryl to find it on you-tube and to find out more about it.  He’s so accomodating.  😉

Daryl says:

You need a speaker with a lot of bass to really get the vibrations.  If you just do it on a speaker, you need plastic wrap.  Most people use a thin cookie sheet or other piece of metal, but you need to hold it down to make it react properly or the cookie sheet just rattles.

We don’t have good enough speakers so we’ll just have to be content watching other people do it on you-tube.  🙂

Time Warp also went into the difference between a Newtonian fluid (like water) and a non-Newtonian fluid (like ketchup or oobleck).  Obligatory learning bit here and here (and now we have to do the “drop things into ketchup” experiment too!).


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