Anna's Birthday Bash


Here’s some pics from Annalee’s birthday.  I have no idea what she was doing in the pic above.  In the pic below, Victoria is falling off the couch, which is SO TYPICAL of Victoria!

But here she’s back!  🙂

Here’s Anna as she typically looks, with a phone attached to her ear.  Grandma and Grandpa were calling to wish her a happy birthday.

Opening presents at her party…

The kids patiently waiting for cake…

And the candles fell out of the bag at home so we improvised!  My friend Nancy had a candle photo on her cell phone so Anna pretended to blow that out.  What a sport!  🙂

Alex’s best friend…

A really well lit fence railing!  Ahem.  With kids hamming it up in the background, which would have been a great picture!  The pool was lit, really!

See?  (Of course, nobody but Anna was paying any attention.  Annalee has incredible camera-sensing abilities.  She can detect a photo being taken from a block away.  She can be in the midst of a yawn, a sneeze or a full-on tirade and the instant you point a camera at her she’s all smiles!)

Note the socks!  I gave them to her and they became her favorite fashion accessory.  She wore them with her flowered dress, with her bathing suit, with her jeans the next day… They suit her perfectly!  🙂

One of her favorite presents, hand drawn by one of her favorite boys.  Isn’t he good?!

Another of her favorite presents was this Barbie-sized fashion kit.  It rocks!

Here she’s holding the first Barbie dress she made with it.  Also note the necklace made by another favorite boy!  She loved getting the handmade gifts from her friends.

One of her presents was wrapped in an old purple pashmina (or as I call it– scarf) and she loved it.  It could be a superhero cape…

Or a demure shawl!

The whole day was a blur of friends and fun and sugar for all of us!  I got to see some of my favorite mama friends and got to meet Erica and her boys for the first time, which was super cool.  I got hardly any sleep the night before, forgot to eat, had a migraine, forgot the juice and the candles and was trying to chat with too many fun people and make sure all the children (and grown ups!) were all happy, but I had a blast despite all that.

Hopefully everybody else did too, or at least I hope it doesn’t make anybody’s “top ten worst ways to spend my Monday” lists.  🙂   Most importantly, Annalee seemed to have a great time.

Happy 9th birthday, Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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