Fact & Fiction Regarding the Underground Railroad

Scholastic has a great page of myths about the Underground Railroad.  Were you taught any of these as facts?  I know I’ve heard most of them.  Click on the links at the top of the page for a multi-media lesson about the Underground Railroad where you can get a feeling for life as a slave, on the run and up north.  There are photographs, interviews and quotes from people involved and writing exercises and more.

I do recommend previewing it first before exploring it with your child.  It’s very informative and well done but at times (obviously) heartbreaking.

I am so glad that in every time, in every place, there have been good people sacrificing to do the right thing.  It’s easy to get sickened by the inhumanity of our history regarding slavery, but it’s also so inspiring to remember the heroes that helped make a change.

Here is a wonderful site created by a second grade class with tons of information about Harriet Tubman compiled by the kids.

And Here’s a page of book recommendations for children’s books that further explore the Underground Railroad and the Civil War from all different standpoints (scroll down to see covers and read summaries).


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