The "Clean Snow" Experiment

The girls and I went for a walk today to take advantage of above-zero temperatures and the appearance of this nifty yellow thing in the sky.  Along the way, Victoria scooped up handfuls of snow to munch.  When I said something about eating pollution, she assured me she was only eating the “clean” snow.  Oh yeah?  I felt a science experiment coming on!  😉

So Victoria scooped up a jar of “clean” snow and filled another jar with tap water.  She microwaved the snow to melt it and we all took a look.


Looked pretty dirty!

Then I got a coffee filter and she helped pour the melted snow through it to see what sorts of things it would trap.


There was quite a lot of dirt, some things we couldn’t identify, and something Victoria guessed was a bug’s leg.  I think it’s more likely animal hair, but it’s still not something you might want to munch!

Victoria was peeved.  Another childhood joy snatched away.  She proclaimed that she’s going to eat snow anyway and shot me a look to see if I was going to stop her.  Hey, I’m familiar with the Hygiene Hypothesis.  I’m sure we’re eating worse at the average salad bar.  I told her it was fine by me and her faith in the joys of childhood were restored… for at least another 5 minutes.


2 thoughts on “The "Clean Snow" Experiment

  1. Excellent idea! We’re going to try this, having gotten more of the fresh white stuff today. That spring-like interlude had to end sometime. 🙂


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