Book Review Writing Contest

 Older kids may want to get involved in this writing contest:

Write a book review—with a twist! Little Dozen Press is sponsoring a new contest for writers ages 11 and up. Review your favourite novel or other work of fiction. In your review, pinpoint a specific writing technique which the author does well, and share what you have learned about writing from reading the book.

The entry deadline is March 15. Winners will receive their choice of book by Rachel Starr Thomson, signed by the author. All entrants who give their permission will have their review published on Inklings, Rachel’s blog for young (and other) writers.

There will be winners in 3 age groups (all 11 or older).  Visit Inklings to get an idea of the blog (which seems to be geared towards writing advice, information about the industry and her her writing on being homeschooled in a large family, Christianity and science fiction stories) and see full details of the contest here.


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