News Flash: Kids Behave Better if They Get Recess

Mark this under the “duh” category. A researcher has found that children behave better when they’re allowed to move at least once a day. Sadly, 30% of the kids in the study were allowed somewhere between 0 and 15 minutes of recess all day. One first grade class in particular had only one 10-minute break all morning and the kids were not allowed to talk or move from their seats during this “break.”

Another news story talks about how public school children don’t get any opportunities for socialization any more because they have no breaks like recess to practice their social skills.  Socialization, huh?  I’m not even touching that one.


3 thoughts on “News Flash: Kids Behave Better if They Get Recess

  1. Yeah, ok….but how does that 10 or 15 minute break affect standardized test scores? 🙂

    Seriously disturbing, and so different from homeschooling, where some days the kids are moving and socializing for all but 15 minutes per day (when they do their seatwork). 🙂


  2. This is a primary reason why I removed my son from the institution.He is a wild child.. he likes to move his body.. even, when he speaks, his body language says volumes about what’s coming out of his mouth. At the first grade open house, I asked the teacher about physical activity during the day.. and she just kind of shrugged me off, like it wasn’t important. But, when my son asked about “how much fun” 1st grade would be, she replied, “Well… this *IS* school, it’s not supposed to be fun all the time.”

    That really bothered me. Especially, her body language and tone when telling him that. I just wanted to grab him up and race out of that building LOLOL


  3. That is so sad! Adults need breaks during the day in order to stay alert and focused. Why wouldn’t children?!

    The comment from Candy Cook is also sad, because learning should be fun – ESPECIALLY in those early grades!

    (I know. I’m preaching to the choir here.)


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