Wonderful Art Site

I wandered onto the Artsonia site the other day while looking for an art project I’d seen online.  What a fun find!  This site calls itself the world’s largest kids’ art museum and it is a treasure trove of wonderful ideas and fabulous art projects.

With sections for teachers, parents and kids, there seems to be something for everyone.  You can search for neat art projects to do with your kiddos, narrowing the search by grade level, type of art, highest ranked schools and more.  You can display your child’s art in his or her own gallery for free, complete with a guestbook and fan club.  You can even take part in special themes and contests.

You can also order merchandise made with your child’s art and 15% of the profits go to the school arts program.  And yes, your kids still retain the copyrights to their art.  And no, I didn’t get a kickback to say this.  😉

The lesson plan page has tons of great ideas that I can’t wait to look through, but I also have enjoyed just browsing through all the great projects.  Each teacher has a blurb about the general project and instructions on the right at the start of each exhibit.

We are total art junkies around here and I love peeking at school art projects and looking for ideas to do together at home.  Kinderart is a great site for that and I’m stoked to have found another one with some extra nifties, to boot.

I have just begun to browse around but it looks like a really neat site so far.


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